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Adam Oates says Alex Ovechkin "played good hockey"



CSN Washington dot com. It was those -- one -- two -- teams pressed away how do you explain this not being a close game and kind of snowball on you guys. You know quite honestly tough to explain. It's funny no over the years sometimes seven in the seventh in terms of distance some form below. I wish there had an answer -- that you know how to push very hard the first thirty mile -- say it's DO what you want in. Know every bounce and go their way at that. Over the last. Two games do you feel like you are able to make adjustments to counteract what the Rangers are able to do. Well you know but other than tiger was one nothing and it -- him. How about -- it was something that traffic in front against a goalie like Lundqvist. How. Difficult is that to do against them and you guys are trying to but what are they doing to keep you. Away from those rebounds that media. I think we didn't decent job -- -- a lot of great saves they protect somebody that's the kind of other design and we've trying get in there and get the shots through and they're very good. Adam after everything this team has gone through to the regular season into this series what sort of lessons you hope that they take from it. Heading into next year. I don't know I don't have really -- the government. And. After all -- did. In the regular season and second half to get to help get you guys hear what didn't he do in the series to produce for us. Not nothing you vertically good hockey. So you know yesterday he had five great chances just didn't -- -- CSN Washington dot com.


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