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How do the Caps get over their playoff hump?



Csnwashington.com. The did not get that two straight years very painful game seven losses to get over the hump. I really think that people have to quit expecting Alexander Ovechkin to deliberate I think there have to be more from his teammates more from. The -- a plane to fly and the guys that play in the second line. And they just look at him. Have a lot of guys that hit this season at the start during the struggles of the season and they were playing that well but meanwhile everyone throwing lightning bolt. -- criticism -- vets get. He takes it continue to play well get this game going becomes about four and after hostility towards the end of the season but it teammates build that -- well enough or look Bob if you in my job he had. The chances. Not enough guys were doing that not enough guys to play and how -- hockey. Demanding more of themselves and I really think that the core guys in this team have to look at themselves besides the outcome last night. How the series obviously what bothered you most about thinking it was too polite. It the capital play to play pretty game and didn't make it miserable for new York and New York it made their life miserable for six games in the series win or lose. And the capitals really let that happen after that second goal. I didn't see any hitting I didn't see enough crashing and banging from that I didn't see anybody run over Lundqvist their MVP and I wanted to see some of that fight back. It was with much time to read in the offseason should be much better golfer you are not going to be better -- this year you got time element thanks. CSN Washington dot com.



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