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Alan May talks about Ovechkin's frustrations



CSN Washington dot com. With just got to talk about this is our hockey expert Alan -- We've criticized the referees in this series you did it I did -- lot of the fears that it it's different when the superstar comes out and does it what is your take on Alexander Ovechkin. We're just very frustrating -- now he's not happy with his own performance he's not happy with the performance of his teammates any any certainly wasn't happy with that they're shaping up for. The referee throughout the series but he knows that I know we all know that the referees -- fourth hole they were the guys going full speed and this team did not get enough all the have a point but it just pure frustration -- all be forgotten next fall when it went to a backup for training camp. But you know the biggest thing everyone's got a pulled a waiter on here. You actually pointed out we were. Were talking just what this segment that even though he's gonna get criticism for not scoring a point in. Four for five consecutive games he hit a lot of other things that maybe you don't notice right off you know what he was trying to where Dallas defenseman he was. Getting in on the attack he was getting his hits there -- getting your shots get a lot block he missed a bunch. Think you know what he's ever want concentrate on and get to play against Girardi McDonough and Ryan Callahan every single shift. Careful because of the score all their focus was to shut him down. Take as -- away not let him get his legs going but he still find a way to get shots through -- we had grade a scoring chances who was able to convert but he was there all by himself for the most part. What about. Henrik Lundqvist and the series that he played he was standing on his head for most of the series -- the problem was the -- just couldn't get quality shots on a Hendrik Lundqvist did exactly what he needed to do throughout the series and you know that no one made it difficult enough for him and that's the probably the best thing that I have the biggest problem with the with the caps as a team. Is no one was parking in front. That guys were getting your degree -- -- play like this. For guys coming end Marcus Johansson goes up to the side and look at Bay Area in front -- do we think we know he's a great goalie but one. Q -- three capital for a curtain don't want bracing for the direct middle of the net and they shot from your from a distance and there's not a whole lot on. The softball bat -- and then again -- just noise gets to the front of the net. You guys go right to old vets get here over played and -- For that one guy's got a couple blocks from an offer from the front of the net and and it came over but look at this list you've got a very. You've got to force yourself -- that area of the park for dirty area to get -- There's stitches evolved as black guys -- bruises but you know what the success that you get for the front of the net. It's just way too easy for the opposition and that's one thing the Rangers did it protected Lundqvist for getting layers of players between. The park. And and the capitals and make sure that he had perimeter shot after perimeter shot look at that you guys did on their from a distance wide open to snap that in the -- You queasy and he's got to be loving life after the series. Hopefully the capitals and keep your coach and her sister of plays for another season because they had so many changes but there had to be won this position a big fix what would you say that. What you know the biggest thing you've got to have players that wanna go to Red Sox are right there they've got to get in front of the net they've got to battle. You want players that are angry and miserable the play against and the biggest thing that I see in NFL parking lot here. Pitino won the Stanley Cup what -- or your team. How they're they're the most miserable physical team. And you know what they were also the most talented so goes to show that you could have that blend of players it's a mindset that you've got to be miserable hard tough to play against. And that's one thing there are players -- they can do that they just need to make sure they're doing it. -- time and time again that may be next years here the capitals finally break after Allen make extra time thanks chance. CSN Washington dot com.



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