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Redskins Nation: Update from OTA's



  1. London Fletcher2:01
  2. Rex Grossman2:43
  3. Mike Shanahan1:00, 1:07
  4. Fred Davis1:59, 2:09, 2:12
  5. Pat White2:46, 2:48
  6. Brian Orakpo0:41
  7. Kyle Shanahan3:14
  8. Raheem Morris0:51
  9. Rob Walker3:02
  10. West Virginia University2:57
Tue, 14 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Guess at this time the Redskins nation presented by the great folks have problems that kept Larry Michael Redskins park now ball. The OTA's begin the Redskins on Monday of next week may twentieth today the continuation of the offseason program. On a beautiful day here at Redskins park. Gorgeous day here Nash. Or Virginia quite cool however is this offseason. Program continues there you see the -- line backing corps. Ryan -- saw him on Comcast sports that last night at the -- game Brian Orakpo. And linebackers coach Bob slower also. In the foreground Jim has slipped behind that group. Are the DBs. With Raheem Morris and again the defense on one feel the office on the other field. -- if we swing it to the middle of the field to see Mike Shanahan with the eye on what's going on. -- the sideline. Outside the numbers Mike Shanahan stands alone. Give the Redskins have had 100% attendance of the offseason program next week. It'll be be. OTAs beginning for the Redskins. The other stuff happen all over the field let's slight swing to the right Alex article potion sea -- right. That strength and conditioning coach for the Redskins -- a group of Redskins. Doing some running across that field. Gym the conditioning part of this is where you lay your foundation for the season. What line to the other they used to call -- suicides back in the day at least on the basketball court did it. -- to see some of the big Redskins offensive linemen getting that run in. Regardless take it right dumb -- straight ahead right here now is see some of the Redskins Fred Davis among them London Fletcher. Guys going through their conditioning not part of the rest of the group these guys recovering from some offseason procedures. Fred Davis. Was great I mean Fred Davis made a tremendous recoveries got so much to prove. This season appear ourselves. They Haitian sensation that he is a game breaker let's take it to the middle of the field to the right where Bobby turner. Running backs coach for the Redskins is going through the paces with his running backs last year the Redskins. Had a remarkable season in terms of not giving up turnovers not turning the ball over. Six all time since the merger in 1970. They're right in front of the C Rex Grossman behind him the lefthander. Pat White let's focus on Pat White over there with quarterbacks coach kind of getting screenwriter here. Kirk cousins right -- maligned for us. And Pat -- the left hander out of West Virginia University. As a quarterback's workout and as you can see Rob Walker for the third -- part of this group. Obviously not clear to be out here yet but Robert continues. And is very very hard work. To be ready for the 2013 season and that may have read the little boy it sure Kyle Shanahan offensive coordinator for the Redskins asked to be happy. With the team's offensive production last year we've talked about it in our stunning -- stats. Record breaking in fact that some categories. And Kirk cousins with a bag drill that Kirk cousins obviously a lot of pressure on him. And he's a kid that does Russia with pressure -- -- -- us up to this kid is super super confident. And he views it as an opportunity to come in here and show what he can do during this offseason where he's gonna get all the reps. CSN Washington dot com.

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