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Caps still stunned after early playoff exit



CSN Washington dot com. Two days after their devastating loss in game seven the capitals were still shaking their heads wondering what happened. They all realize this team has not advanced beyond the second round of the playoffs and share of the fans' frustration. I don't like losing in a lot of like standing in front of you guys here's telling me. I feel because Sosa sucks and so. We just got to got to find a way to close though. Close this series I think that's been. Something we've we've struggled with throughout the last couple years we've we've always gone seven games and we need to find a way to keep from going seven and to find a way to to win them and previous. -- here haven't had to you know deep playoff success and ends you know that's why we bring in. New players new leaders and and you -- change the pedigree is how guys act in the room and and the confidence that you need in the room going into Clausen and that's what we're gonna -- next year. This was a day for goodbyes. But unlike last season there is stability in the coaching staff and that brings optimism for the future for. For us two or three years trying to. Can find that consistency and it's. That we don't. We we we like aren't we like to have us and our best players -- all superstitious to think that stick with the same stuff so when we have to change -- assignment makes it hard for us and doing things. Consistently. You gotta stay with -- and they're really trying keep getting better. And one day it'll just happen it is new grows and organization and all happened. To keep doc can keep knocking. People doc and I think it's gonna go down nearly had a bit of benching your -- knocked the door down and can get through it so I think it's a little sayings that. Do you keep knocking experience -- an immunity to sort out. I think we're we're. Has a hockey club with the maturity level I'm. The experienced. You know we're gonna win I can contingency. The coaching staff may be sad that there are still several players whose future is here remain uncertain most notably unrestricted free agents Matt Hendricks and Mike Ribeiro. And restricted free agents Marcus Johansson. And Carl -- an -- With the caps Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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