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Mike Ditka has kind words for Joe Gibbs



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Wed, 15 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Pleasure to have -- pick up Mike Ditka the hall of Famer with blessing coach you're in town. Because of the -- Joseph Gibbs youth for tomorrow and we'll let coach go way back you're on TV together years ago. We you know we embarrass yourself and NBC for a couple years has that been a lot of fun Joseph Joseph dear friend and that. You could take a little easier on me when he coached against me but you know he had a win that we had to try to win. They would just think that they'll easily punt return -- -- -- very I think -- -- Darrell green is a thorn -- our side for a long time. And they don't have with the Cowboys I think he was plant -- that. So who would coach know when you see what coach Gibbs is done with this -- home and these kids they're really desperately need people's help. Oh what is it about Joseph Gibbs that that makes -- the kind of guy for that job. I think he cares he really cares and any any ratios that can make a difference what people. We have these kids have kind of been. It's not something that they have them less that their product of bad appearance in most cases let's face or bad environment. And Joseph sees that and -- it all you can give a person is opportunity. You give an opportunity like what they do with that that's up to them. I think that's what he's providing an opportunity for these kids this change your life and be very productive citizens. I gotta love it because I I think. You know greatness is not always about. What you do for yourself it's about what you do for others I think Joseph is a great example that. Because of the greatest Saints mean to you -- have you written a book so sayings when -- -- cup Brandon -- Well you got some in reserve for the big -- got one from from Abe Lincoln you know more loud OK I'll look at it today and had a you like about today's NFL. I think you competition this terrific if you look at division risk -- right now it is very tough division I mean unless it's only gonna get -- And I think Philadelphia would be better in Washington a horse to Dallas to New York okay. And you go in -- go to Chicago Green Bay and Detroit and Minnesota so I I really see the competition and even now. I think you're gonna get better brand of football I'm not big for the show boating I'm I'm very honestly there I don't like it. I I think that is the kings forward. And when you spend too much time call attention to yourself that bothers me about. It happened so this is a different athlete and was forty years ago but. I love the game I think that game was terrific I don't think there's any other game well I I just tossed about like -- -- -- -- -- -- that well I'm I'm just a fan of hockey allowed. How does the coaching change you you've played under. One of the all time legends of the game everybody knows George Allison and what is that for gravity games when you are also a coach. You won a Super Bowl and now you're a student of the game for your whole life. As a coaching -- Well. It's changed a lot from Dallas. For Landry. Lombardi I mean everybody has their own style coaching. I think that one good the one thing about coaching and you can talk about x.s and always what -- philosophy whatever you wanna do that's okay. But it really comes down to being able to analyze what you have and how to use it. Have you don't have the horses to run a race you've got to run race a little bit different. And I think that's what good coaches do in the beginning may be Joseph wanted to do one thing but he didn't have that so he. He's pounded -- football he ran a book. You know and I think there's there's. You don't see that too much anymore but I think that's old time football. You can break down the other teams we'll if you pound the football I don't know if they're good enough to stop and god bless them but most of mark. Rezko throw the ball well last year yeah of course all eyes are the quarterback Robert Griffin the third. What do you think a special guy. Special that leader character guy. I love everything about the kid I -- to Asia. I'm the leader on the field everything I mean I just you know I'm. You gotta be a little bit careful when he takes off as much as he does but. Hey listen this guy's the real deal he really is Rose above grade and he's a great field general he's a great leader on the field at all born -- CSN Washington dot com.