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CSN Washington dot com. -- -- we knew obviously that the players disappointment would still be fresh but. Was there anything in their comments that stood out to today. Well the one thing -- stood out to me was that Adam -- talked of these guys today and brought up the Boston Bruins. A team and he brought up the fact that they were swept by Philadelphia they were up three nothing in that series and they went on the win a cup two years later. So I think that's what they're trying to sell right now that. What is in this room is good enough to win the Stanley Cup Mike Green said it Mike Green said we will win a cop. And then later he said we will win I guarantee it so. There is that belief in this term and that's a hard sell when you lose in the first round of playoffs and you lose five knocking in game seven. But that's this out that they were pushing today. Now there are some personal decisions to remain this offseason played GM for a day for me and tell me what. George McPhee has to get done well he only had six million dollars to get. Four players sign -- -- it's almost impossible that to restrict unrestricted free agents are Mike Rivera and Matt Hendricks I don't think. That you can sign both those guys Mike Ribeiro. Well one big money. He says he'll take a longer term for less money and he also says he doesn't want to be selfish self he wants to take lower money so that other players can be signed. We also have -- author and you have Marcus Johansson. Two guys who are restricted free agents. But they're gonna cost money to go so I think in my opinion Matt Hendricks would stay. Mike -- would go and they have to finding guys to play him at second line because I love what Matt Hendricks brings to this term he's a glue guy. And I think he can't place a value on that. They're back in the old quandary of who is the second line center which they know very well so. Maybe deja Vu all over again -- yeah very you could do that all right thanks very much time. CSN Washington dot com.



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