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Are the Caps worrying too much about the refs?



Csnwashington.com. You can go through it what's the old saying numbers don't lie they don't necessarily tell the truth. They're capitals had a lot more penalties but threw out the season we saw dumb penalties like this we saw how many times. Flipping the puck over the board and getting called for delay game penalty. Those -- sloppy. Dumb penalties. That was questionable yet there are some -- you can point to you but I don't come away from the series -- the rest cost the player you don't they're they're really going to. Blaming the refs and blaming everything else other than blaming yourself you begin to focus on that. And you lose somebody else they cap instead of going out there and get near park on he admits stick on the puck to get into the -- There was sit there they're worried about everything they do those things but life. All you -- say. The refs out to get this -- after. And he -- that game in the first back called your full physical work both for the rest and that ultimately -- to -- about their. -- near the face and having your -- in the building was blown. Now if you look it does. Disrupt the flow when they're killing off so many penalties out to veterans on out there and it was that she's not out very clearly. The caps are at their best throughout this whole season on the power play basketball hockey. It's my understanding the complaints but again. The Rangers did this all season long they were Smart -- -- -- take dumb penalties the caps throughout the season splitting time we saw we day. Too bad penalties that would cost them more. The same in this series. I get what they're saying you wanna make sure your point it's not there but again two days after losing on your home eyes five nothing. It was not a market -- -- today that's the answer is her game mature as a results. CSN Washington dot com.


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