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CSN Washington dot com. -- -- The Washington Examiner's Stephen lineup from The Washington Times do we look back on this shortened season and it is miraculous run and -- was so good. Consider strides. -- look back and say. Same old capitals I think ultimately it. Going to be strides I think ultimately you're gonna see that this -- Adam -- as a rookie head coach getting outs and that's been the play right wing. Getting a system that you should've had a full training camp and 82 game season to kind of put in and and then ran real fair shot at a playoff run. But right now it's it's hard to get away from the idea that these same group of players the same core can't get out of a the first or second round. Does this core groups stay together do they have to break it up. That's going to be tough if you wanna break it up it's gonna have to be a trade of some kind and there's not a great free agent list out -- Brian there's not much guys that you can go out and say. We will get back got plug him in that left wing on the top line in. And now we're good to go that's probably not gonna happen so if you wanna do that you'll make a major move George McPhee is gonna have to find a way to. Scoured the league guests and and find somebody out there as a bargain in you know. The money isn't necessarily there I mean Steve knows this to even sign Mike Ribeiro is going to be tough. Given the salary cap. Constraints okay if you're gonna choose though of the core group. Of green. He's not going anywhere between the contract and the production you can't trade him your -- -- the GM. What would be the move to try and shake things up. If moving -- for Brooks like I think if you can get something for Brooks like that that would be that the move to make -- spending -- -- nine dollars and Arnie rat. You do Gagne got prevailed Forsberg and I you're not turning Nicklaus back and he is one not could you -- they changed the culture that. You're gonna have to trade a big chip to get. Other -- Allen -- action is almost as viable to this team is out of -- and if not more so if it wasn't for -- back and look at what happened with without the bash him playing. Earlier in the season with Mike Ribeiro and until you start playing when the action he didn't do what he did late in the season he is the guy who. Runs this team. It's like GM not looking at not next year but it. After that sure would Georgia -- he'll be -- guy making those decisions with the same. But long term. Well I mean eventually got to breakthrough Brett eventually you know -- -- we know Ted -- this is among the most patient owners. In the entire sport we you know we've seen that repeatedly be seen that on the basketball side. He gives his people chance after chance and not my problem there Brian is if if you decide to go in that direction. You're blown up the whole organization called -- he's been here so long. All the scouts all the infrastructure. Has been put in place but George McPhee so. If you're not happy with the results you're changing everything what did you get away from this positively who were the guys that jumped out -- you said. Okay maybe that surprised me a little bit more they are what -- what I thought they wore -- You know what I mean John Carlson cars are great as those those guys are you can build your team on the Blue Line from falls or Carlson. And and I I -- I like what you get out of out of a -- rallies healthy he showed when he was healthy that he's he's great with the puck in the offensive zone. And he gave injury felt Forsberg and -- -- turned out to be a multiple year all star I think that was a good movie he's a piece that you need on this team. And then the guy who can help you for the next two seasons. I still like to goaltending I mean we've seen who knuckle have franchises and have a way too much money on goalies. And get no production Steve knows this well yes he it you know way. To have -- -- beat and Michael labored on reasonable contracts he can turn to one of them it brings struggles next you can turn that into wavered. He has experience. To me that that's a bonus that gives you money to play with elsewhere on the roster and there's not a ton of it but. If you wanna make some upgrades you know that that helps. CSN Washington dot com.



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