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Should the Caps stay the course?



CSN Washington dot com -- Ramon that captain to stay the course when these normal you. I'd say you're right they're going to say you're wrong they need to blow it up. Couldn't -- the same shows since 2008 this core group that was supposed to bring the cup and they haven't got them a second round yet I mean. You know -- you can't move we just talk about that with the Giants he can't move because in the contract that production there's two or three guys in the world that. Can do it -- can do. I know I love Baxter I think he's a great player but maybe he's the centerpiece of a franchise changing deal. Maybe my greener John Carlson is the centerpiece of a franchise. -- changing deal. There's only so many years you can make a run at the cup at the same guys wanna keep bringing in a Mike Knuble and -- ward he's big guys in his role players and put them and hope and pray. I guess it depends of what the franchise want to don't you don't -- -- in the right animals got these guys have played down rosters after they caught onto his system. Doesn't he deserve at least one more you -- these guys instead of going to another year -- the other -- these are his guys it's not like. He brought the he inherited but still it's the guys you got the -- and in the public purse but not the playoff tough post season you -- -- -- motor right now for him. I think he deserves at least another chance to get a run at it. What these guys that. Okay of the blowing a -- if you feel Marcus Johansson is your top line left wing and Mike Rivera leaves Brooks like is your second line center. They go for cup with that but if you feel that this core group. To get it done. Well then why keep going back time and time again I look at it don't feel that. I guess they did you remember I have my eyes US me about the drama I think -- CSN Washington dot com.



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