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Orb looks to continue chase for Triple Crown



  1. Preakness Stakes1:31
  2. Brendan Harris1:38
  3. Pimlico0:09, 1:37
  4. Tabasco1:35
  5. Colts0:06
  6. Maryland0:50, 0:52
  7. Baltimore1:40
  8. Washington0:02, 1:44
Thu, 16 May 2013|

Orb won the Kentucky Derby and now looks to continue its pursuit of the Triple Crown this weekend.


Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Still jet is the Colts -- just twenty minutes in the Pimlico track and going to the preakness -- It couldn't be any better. You know I've always loved this race. Because you have. Maybe a little. Smaller field and have winnowed out the few people from the derby that. That didn't belong to me this is always been a very high quality race usually very strong field. You know it gets run. Truly says that -- often the best horse wins. People here do a wonderful job. Of getting the excitement. Going about the race. I've been here pretty much every time so. It's a lot more fun to come with a horse. What does this mean for Maryland racing you know way at Maryland race he's been through in the last five or ten years have to have a horse with local connections like Michael work. Well I hope it means something good. I think it it's it's important that it be coupled with the an agreement in. That the horsemen attracts a state everybody. Has arrived at because without that. There's nothing more could really do. But I do think they have a good agreement and so -- -- is the icing on the cake that's true that's terrific. And maybe the only thing that hasn't good or -- this week was the post position draw. I was gonna start out of the wind it the last time a horse. One for that position at the Preakness Stakes you have to go all the way back in 1994. When Tabasco cat did it. At Pimlico Brendan Harris CSN Baltimore. CSN Washington dot com.

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