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Zuckerman: Injuries continue to plague Nationals



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Thu, 16 May 2013|

CSN Insider Mark Zuckerman explains how injuries continue to hamper the Nationals' progress this season.


Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Nationals have been dealing with injuries throughout this season and it's not getting any better Wilson Ramos re injured his hamstring last -- Los Angeles he's headed back to deal. Which means a Kurt Suzuki to have that pressure back on him to have to be the everyday catcher. But John he's a lot of called up from triple laid back him up. -- that why are also cannot last night's game with back spasms and an actor hoping that not -- -- he'll be able to make his next start. But it could be a couple of days to let you know that. Sure Bryce Harper hopes to be back at last from the collision. Against the wall Los Angeles keep it pinch -- in the game last night but it may not be under percent yet. Jason were going to be you could come back and DL on Saturday. It's hamstring injury -- probably going to look at one -- game at home because of weather so Beckham did not expect her in the Stuckey got -- can swing -- Put it all together. They just haven't had a whole lot about that is -- but I gained out of forty this year that he acts have had their opening day lineup out there. The -- now and for the DL that trend could continue for awhile to find a way somehow score runs. CSN Washington dot com.

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