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Alex May talks about Alex Ovechkin's broken foot



Csnwashington.com. -- Alan may joins us now obviously for more on this injury we wanna take a look -- At the actual game you played in the world championships first -- Russia against the United States. -- it take a look at the highlight Alex Ovechkin was actually pretty effective in this one with the injury. Albeit I guess at one that you could still plan on making his world championship debut against the United States. You some attack Craig Smith feeds Paul Stastny in front of punts in his first of two goals on the day it's one nothing you lastly from the second -- us up 31. Exactly force the turnovers Smith and Alex got -- -- for her the -- USF 41 after two in an early in the third rational look at it that close. He flyers down for good on the right side and fires it past. John Gibson here comes Alex Ovechkin and that makes it forward to -- how about. That fractured foot and know we still scored a goal in the world that wouldn't be enough though as USA wins it by the final of eighteen to three are right so. Tell me about this injury that Alex suffered obviously he's totally fine because he can still score. I've had the exact same injury ended because you're gonna name mobilized food in your skated doesn't affect you know want to tell that he was injured. When he walked into the arena in all the press for two games then there there's nothing there walking in walking out there's no -- no we're nothing whatsoever. Friday he played well in game seven he got through his hits even look like -- hurting in that. It's one of those injuries -- and to me it's like a stub -- but if that injuries on an angle not you have to worry that it becomes something that can become displaced and puncture the skin. And be a lot worse than this. Now let's take kind of a worst case scenario like Eric Staal goes of the world championships. Gets. Hugely injured how do you -- I guess prevent players or can you prevent players from that happening. -- you can't and the biggest thing either you look at all the players are going there Jeff Halpern had a very bad knee injury and kind of really change the course of his -- coming up the best offensive season he would ever had. In camp when he was injured over there. Air -- today looks like he blew his knee out you know looks like all the send Carolinas and last place going into next year because her best player -- card holder came. What was injured for the severely today. And you have to look at this the players from Russia have a different as chalk talk about earlier. They have a different set of circumstances that they have to deal there's a lot of pressure from the country from. That the president of the country recruits and it is an avid hockey fan and then there's no sport that is more important as a team game right now. That hockey to the Russians in the Olympics they wanna win it. And they're put a lot of pressure on the players and their families to make sure that they play over the that they go to play in the world championships that they play in the World Cup and it's certainly not sure they wanna when the Olympics. That is so crazy to think about -- luckily it wasn't. Bad enough that he could've gotten more hurt so he and. CSN Washington dot com.



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CSN commentator Alan May talks about the injury to Capitals star Alex Ovechkin.