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College prospects look to impress at the NBA combine



CSN Washington dot com. Just days out from teams figuring out where the ping pong balls land in June's draft out of order. Alex is in excellent deep throw in Eric greens are trying to improve their stock once real. And for song was just one interview at a time this is there were handled this just the tension -- -- -- to go through this process. Never goes. I remembered back to come mos ago when you get any attention. Couple years ago when you get any attention so. -- so kind of surreal for me every time. This is coming up short the second round of the NCAA tournament Otto Porter has been a gym rat and working on his game. And it needs to stunning loss -- medical school serves now extra -- motivation. A lot of them get better easier today. -- -- play our best game my last game and I want to -- come from day you know learn from our mistakes and do it today and get better. Ankle surgery will force Maryland's Alex wins only conduct team interviews the next couple of days but he's already considered the top ten pick. For Eric Green who led the nation in scoring -- north between five points per game he is also having to deal with effective Virginia Tech finished last in the ACC. Question is does he feel like that will affect his drafts. I cannot think that now it was a selfish now I think anybody could have been selfish to -- those and and I could have been meaning me show but I soda can. You know I didn't get frustrated came out played hard every night handouts just went out to the -- I showed I'm trying to put whenever student. At the NBA draft combine in Chicago Chris Miller CSN Washington. Thank Chris Miller now joins us live from Chicago hey Chris son of the four local players stock. Appears to be rising the most after day one out there. -- I would have to say Victor -- deep below the at a map the product depleted Indiana. Didn't go through any of the drills today but his measurable came back and a lot of the talk about Victor before the combo I was -- how tall is he really. Well he measured out six foot four. So now I think that's gonna do a lot in terms of teams and executives looking at him and his potential upside in the NBA because it's all about size and Victor has to affluent a schism and he plays tremendous defense so now it'll be interesting to see how far he'll move up in the draft now. I don't have a guy that just might be going down Alex -- his ankle surgery up from what you've gathered is he going to on the dressed up. Why he didn't speak to the media today which was kind of interesting you know we were waiting for him to talk pretty much all day he just didn't show up so. I'm still waiting to find out what happened in that aspect of it but. He could miss potentially eight months with that ankle surgery but from everyone that I talked to talked about today in Chicago. They think he is this stock it's pretty much the same he pretty much know what they're gonna get with him he's a seven footer. That has some good mid post mid range shooting abilities so. I don't think he's got is gonna fall much the problem is it about the way it -- -- he might not be ready until training camp starts in October. Barely got to tackle a bit about the Wizards here who are they interested then. You know since you -- -- keep your high on Kelly a landing the seven footer out of Inzaghi he's a guy the day that I thought. Performed extremely well he's someone that is a stretch for that the Wizards. Are looking to identify. All the along the players and their exit interviews talked about maybe you know maybe trade the pick and just go get a veteran but if they're gonna keep that -- And again. You know the lottery is not until next week so they've kind of changed the format of this normally you'd have to come by and after you had the lottery where you know where your position. That was still have no idea where they're gonna be selecting next Tuesday on the lottery but. Killer link out of can -- as a got to keep your trial. And I thank you very much Chris -- that too much fun out there in Chicago. And us not just got my luggage -- so I'm just trying to enjoy having my luggage for once but -- trouble on this great glad have a say to close thank you very much great. -- CSN Washington dot com.



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