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Gibbs & Shanahan: What's the key to a Super Bowl?



CSN Washington dot com. The Redskins nation yesterday numbers well at the annual Burgundy and gold watch it last night. At the Ritz Carlton Tyson's corner Mike Ditka the keynote speaker. A -- that the benefit the Joseph gives you more useful. That he established thirty years ago. Yesterday. Joseph -- Election Day got together just like it is a year ago Redskins nation an era is now that very entertaining conversation. Deja blue all over again last year you guess pretty get the talk about quarterbacks in the were marveling at how this man won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. -- done a lot. Things are marvelous. Right now it's in a race car industry is doing a great job. He did leave out there they were three great points that yeah he'll tell you that you are you gotta have a got to have a great quarterback I think he's. I think I'd say that rock right now Robert. And these guys would have went in division last year that means he's dale. I was there for the game and their man and a big games down the stretch. And I was saying my to be the first of tea. Gotta have somebody underneath that senator can get the job done and laughed when we like to thank itself coaching that I want Jays series is not at that. What is it that. Well first of all you don't get a delegates are different quarterback coach -- first person ever be that. And that's kind of unbelievable test but he's right you guys got to have a quarterback and we only got to have supporting cast but I thought it was a great year for Robert. Accomplish what he did as a rookie and it's a great start for our organization. Hopefully in the right direction. What is it about this man in the community you know about the youth home and this is going to be the 24 annual event and that's a long time what are your thoughts on that. But got on the label because they have anything going for 24 years -- as strong commitment -- coach he just doesn't happen when people. Really given up -- time in the -- a lot of money. But more so than any thing once you leave the profession and keep -- gone is shall find people doing that that's really a credit to coach. And they use for tomorrow what a great organization. -- all these Super Bowls in the room here I'm in this is a special group here today it is. I think I enjoy that was set and there I was telling Mike that we're down the hall -- end. I think have we are talking about football staff -- stories I was thinking only down the field thinking about some of the things that happen when. I was here and we -- talk of where Sharon is funny because some of the greatest things that are happening coaching. It happened in practice. -- L history things happen in on a man I was telling a story Barry does get hit in on the goal line staff and so -- share an almost funny. Think coaches are kind of weird you know only a week we talk about the players all the time we sit -- round to get -- guys arguments and fights and it's kind of weird. A lot of ways and different profession but I think what happens is. You go through a lot of ups and downs you've developed some great relationship since I was thank you backed me in my burger. The fun years. We did in fact in the early eighties we had a chance when I was at Denver and AFC west and coach was here we. Had a chance to get togethers and a couple days ago talk about our opponents and -- on the -- Super Bowl that hear -- -- great free -- pick up Matt Kenseth. American we you gotta have a quarterback. He makes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dansby and animation and they get -- I had ahead and we that we love Matt and now hopefully we get Denny back now and got my eyes got hurt. And so we got him back so. We'll see what happens down the stretch back I have to laugh because. Everything happens to me over there. They walk up to mimic me and actually this to say yes -- will -- on -- -- Africa's likely he he came over he would be laughing and Matt pro sport. About all things because it's just like this for a scored the only difference is over here get pads -- the guys a little bigger that is. Same kinda deal nationally and it's almost exactly saying we got half. I I got a group for guys with me that about any instead of thirteen coaches. Or eight -- made on Monday morning instead talk everything you know over and the parallels are just honestly it's it's shocking. As -- I think you really needed anybody scare them -- -- follow I think it began racing him. I tell racing people play you know now -- -- -- an -- -- -- there are always yelling at me about La Costa. And we had -- -- I spent two days witness. And we had him in front of our guys who did a question -- -- famers John. He's funny that I get out that we tell stories to Reagan stories sandwich Alou wanted to drive the car. I told them we went over he made a lap. And I I said I did not want to drive it since then he's got he's got this really go Winnebago. I say he was taken lap around through their stuff. They had me is part of the TV deals set in the front seat with them and they said they didn't analysts say say why joins us on our staff. So he starts around through there and he was kind of nervous they stand down below he wouldn't get up on the track is that -- smelling that. At sacks at -- kind of -- and I said hey -- on what's on the team that's this there's. There's just so a suburban kind of passes out -- And as all of a sudden he four aboard that thankfully it up on the track and I thought I got my guys had -- -- and I. There. CSN Washington dot com.



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Joe Gibbs and Mike Shanahan discuss what the biggest key to a Super Bowl victory is.