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Mark Zuckerman details recent Nationals' injuries



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Thu, 16 May 2013|

The Nationals have been plagued by injuries in recent weeks. What can they do to get healthy?


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CSN Washington dot com just. I'm mark once again the nationals are having to deal with injuries Wilson Ramos Eurostat -- go down on Wednesday night LA it was Davey Johnson -- now well he's gonna have to find a catcher so Kurt Suzuki is going to be the guy. For at least two weeks and I wouldn't his front of Ronald is out longer because he re injured the same hamstring that hurt early in the year and they don't want it any chances here. So I think that an ultra cautious there. Get -- it's still up in the air can make his next start or not it's looking less likely. The problem there is their Tripoli depth is not good Chris young's and guys they signed for that spot he has not been good seven point 96 ERA so if that -- has to miss a start. I think it's going to be -- stamina for Zach Duke one of the guys available. One of the guys have been waiting a long time it feels like now james' words played one game in almost three weeks how close is -- good and returning well he should be back on Saturday that's when he's eligible the issue is he had a little tightness in the hamstring again. On his rehab at Potomac and didn't play there on Thursday he's hoping to play one more game on Friday and then -- of the West Coast and doing -- -- on Saturday. He's got to get through that game first because another one you just don't take any chances that how -- Q how does he get right back in a lot of minutes a long time guys that I lineup yet they need him to because then number two spot it's kind of glue that whole line of babies and all kinds of trouble finding guys to fit in that spot so. They desperately need him back and at a 100% this is something -- Johnson and that's have been dealing with day after day after day like you said before root him on. We check Dimitri Nance having gotten hurt since last month mark Zuckerman on rob -- go back you. CSN Washington dot com.

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