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Should the Nats change Harper's game?



CSN Washington dot com. We all saw. Bryce Harper run the right field wall at Dodger Stadium earlier in the week and after the game as athletes do these days he quickly addressed the entire yeah. On Twitter by saying this. I'll keep playing this game hard for the rest of my life even if it kills me I'll never stop -- that respect the game. And there's one thing I believe is the Bryce Harper respects the game. He respects the right way to play the game and I also believe you played as hard as he can even if it kills and so the question becomes for you mark. Does he need to change the way you play. This is the million dollar question everybody is asking now -- the last couple days and the problem is is that this who's who Bryce Harper is this is the way he plays the game. And you can't take that away from him what makes him so great and what's going to make some -- over his career. Is not just that he has the talent that nobody else has it that he plays the game harder than anybody else has the competitive drive. But no one else does so he doesn't want to lose that the nationals don't want him to lose that Mike -- himself said it in the wake of this place saying he wants them to play a 100% wants to play as always hair's on fire. This is who he is this is what makes him great. They wanna be Smart about I think that's the difference is there's there's a different from playing with abandon and playing with reckless abandon. And that's that fine line and I think over time with experience is gonna start something. I I think I agree I it's put it that's fine line between playing hard and playing reckless. You know playing hard that you can't take that that's who he is it's how -- wired he plays every every game every inning every how hard. But what you don't wanna do is what you saw the other day and and that that that was one of those reckless plays he just didn't I thought he got. Got caught up in no where he was maybe the inexperience as an outfielder played into that a little bit but it does it -- he begged the question -- Yeah is it as former executive you want your players on the field that type of player he's a hall of fame caliber player. Derek Jeter. Some of those guys that have played you know he plays a game as hard as anybody runs down the line as hard as anybody every single play yet he plays a 162 games in their Jeter over time learned how to do that I think that's. What your trying to get out of -- We've certainly seen this in the DC area recently in fact here's a quote by a recent manager. -- said there's a lot of areas you can grow -- the one thing he's gonna have to learn how to do is how to protect themselves you can't take shots consistently. Davey Johnson wasn't Rizzo. That was Mike Shanahan of the Redskins obviously talking about RG three so the question becomes. And what we have asked each other. Amongst ourselves ad nauseam since the injury RG three is can you change the way guy plays because of you tell RG three slide get out of bounds. It really changes what may RG three RG three can you actually see to a Bryce Harper or a league. Talent level like that change the way you play. Now I don't think you can and in fact when guys are going out there and trying not to get hurt that's when they do get hurt traditionally. So no you you can't do that but again I think it comes down to experience. What we kind of forget you know in one year in the minor leagues he'd never played outfield all that much before that. He's joined in the big leagues for a year a lot of the stadiums he hasn't been too angry that play that we're talking about. It wasn't really -- case of him running into a wall it was him getting lost on the field not known where it was so again I don't know did you go out there before the game and test the warning track know how. How much space there is -- steps are to take that's the kind of thing veteran outfielders know to do so I think over time with experience is gonna get that but no you can't change who he is. It just a matter -- becoming smarter ultimately it's not a matter of being different players and visit. All on and maybe a Ryan Zimmerman or a veteran to say hey kid we need you out there every day or is -- -- -- -- thing or is -- a front office thing where they say. It alert learn a lesson here yeah I think it's a combination of all you know I think you want a guy like Jayson Werth kind of gone up and Zambrano and lessen -- I should back. Back up a little bit here you know that I was going through some of its a same things that you were Davies into the game a long time maybe he can. You know give him a player -- -- Mike Rizzo. Hey I don't wind changed one bit but as a front opposite Dave you don't want cheap to change anything about them. But it we watch and we need you on the field and that's tough process in itself should make it just the one thing we know about price he doesn't make the same mistake twice. Well we'll see if Bryce Harper learned from this he has known to be a little hard headed so far early on in his career. CSN Washington dot com.



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