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Laich just missed returning, hungers to come back with a vengeance


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Fri, 17 May 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. The hall. I'm dying to know how close a few words to coming back. The I was very close I was. I actually was I had my eye on the first series but. My return. Was decided by our training staff and and our general manager it was going to be based on time I'm not circumstance. I was really hoping to get the first one but certainly. I was ready to launch a second are you I'm willing to say what -- Sergio was 'cause I know there was some. Come back and forth as to what it was just a very very small procedure. It was related to my growing. That's not a secret. But it wasn't anything super invasive or or. Big operation anything like that. How hungry now is it possible for you to be even more hungry to come back next year and and be ready with this new coaching staff and play a full season. These for myself. For the team team wise if you if you don't win you obviously. It adds frustration but it also adds determination and you want him realize your goals you wanna prove other people wrong and you wanna prove yourself right. But for myself personally it before I even came to DC had talked to told team. We talked about the system that we were gonna play and I was really excited to play that brand of hockey and I never was able to sink my teeth into it I was never even when I played -- A 100% healthy and able to do the things I wanted to do. So watching and seeing how we play in the things that we're gonna do and how it's gonna benefit as -- as a team and and also how it's gonna work to my game I'm really. I'm just dying for the opportunity to be a 100% and be able to contribute. CSN Washington dot com.

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