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DC native "Peanut" Johnson, a Negro League legend



So as you can see women -- sports have come along way and the proper -- seen stems from. The many Pioneers of yesteryear that includes Tina Johnson a legend who may not be household name but whose accomplishments. Are second to none. And it found its full of American history. It's hard to believe that you can find someone who had a moment in time so over there. It was only done once and most likely will never be done again. I love -- have in my Zach follows. The red hot and -- what I wanted to do. The -- one that was still white was segregation. And -- a man named Robinson had broken the barrier in baseball to seven years earlier. It was a lady named peanut. Put it past time on notice when she became the only woman to pitch in the negro leagues. I'm down on bad. It gave me is Birmingham black barons. He says to me about it and I expect it's black or anybody out because I was in Vegas -- -- -- And that's dark clouds of -- stuck. I can't. Her story began behind a sweet smile along with a -- confidence that she learned from a great mother. May need Johnson prepare yourself for the tough road ahead and by the age of nine she better future in her hands. I used to love that. What I have to get kids to play well. Like win win Jackie Robinson. Came out and saying since as -- of mine. I'm wondering about -- -- -- to do that. She was barely five feet tall and weighed less than 140 pounds but she's featured heavy fastball and a heart full of grit. That would be the perfect combination fourth spot on the Indianapolis clowns and a place in history. And illegal girl. -- -- -- That's what they do that that's what I did you hit. Because it didn't bother me what you said about me. Haven't done what I wanted to do. And they're going to play out and no it. So what do said that. He had a means to me. This wasn't considered a publicity stunt. Not just done on a Sunday afternoon to put more people in the seats. No peanut was as good as advertised. And this up. Cheapest way to 33 wins with the Indianapolis clowns if she wasn't too shabby with the bat either posting a lifetime to 73 back. -- All I'd add that that that did a good. That's. A bad read and let it out right. The game that maybe says it will give her everything -- term meet with presidents and others who wanted to hear her story. I enjoyed those who need and want the best thing is my life. And the story of a TrailBlazer. Who broke the barrier. At no one would even think a loss during that time when a country was still learning how to do the right thing. Knowing all along it was more than just about a game. Beyond you can be. And -- that ending but it did to hurt you from doing what you want to do. Nobody. Oh yeah. What he won't do.



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