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Oxbow pulls off Preakness upset



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Sat, 18 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. So the wait for eight triple crowd continues. It was I spoke pull it off the upset -- fifteen to one. Longshot if it was a convincing win here at the Preakness Stakes. He's jockey Gary Stevens said after the race he knew this what was over at the half mile post I fully expected that. Or possibly departing and will take charge. Would be making a run but I am I came into the stretch so loaded I couldn't believe that no one challenged me going into the far turn and -- when no one did. I said I think everybody is in trouble right now a lot of critics are gonna think that I'm. Still haven't seen this but I one with a little something left -- or not. When Gary turned the corner and we got that little bit a spurt on the lead change. Then I got to feel pretty comfortable of course I'm not auction or at that point I'm I'm trying to find will take charge and title town five and see how this things unfolding. After they you know hit the 36 people only watched one on. Satellite TU. To win a classic. It's fifty years old after seven years retirement it doesn't get any better -- this this this is a super super sweet and it happened for the right guy. All the stars were aligned in. I couldn't be more pleased. When in the saying it. It's even more special win it for the Wayne Lukas and his team. -- historic day here at old -- hall of fame trainer. He now has fourteen Triple -- wins which is the most of all time. In Baltimore Brett Myers Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.