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United picks up their 1st point in 9 weeks



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Mon, 20 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. We did 11 -- DC United's winless streak is now at nine games but they did pick up their first points. In nine weeks Kyle -- second half goal was his first in the MLS and DC United's first -- people. Since back on April 21 against Philadelphia. I go to Ben Olson says he was much closer to seeing that ninety minute effort he's been looking for. It is a little bit of an exhale from completely on assistant whose studies U loose them. This many games and not have dealt and I think. This could hear you and gives him a chance to exhale and maybe smiles for there's two and understand that -- here's an opportunity to really change things. It's very big disappointment it's not a win but disappointed and that's something that we can grow off of bill Russell's been around -- knows enough pushes in the right direction I'm pleased by the effort that a Cy Young guys committing himself referring to ball blocking shots -- didn't do what they can -- You know disrupt there there there -- flow attack came in and and and the strikes symbol. You know but you know discipline that. Did they get another city schools some reason he really tried to to limit and down -- -- I see a sponsor backing and and to get a goal of our -- it's. Step in the right direction again good. You know it's it's. You know these these steps in the right direction need to be concerned because you come out the complete performance from us you know 1212 in six. Midfielder Chris Conte didn't play after missing the last three matches he didn't start but he came in in the second half and played about 45 minutes he tells me his injury is much better. He just asked to work on his fitness next up for DC united another home match this Saturday against Portland. The second best team in the Western Conference. At rfk stadium a cold -- and CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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