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Tiger on anchored putters and his resurgence



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Mon, 20 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Tomorrow the US GA announces it decision on anchoring we're gonna get your reaction today because it seems like they are gonna go ahead with the -- Do you think PGA tour should implement it before. January 1 2016 in just your overall reaction to what -- but. Posted on. I hope they they go with the band. That's up -- as us that anchoring should not be a part of the game's stability to -- have to. This mandatory to have to swing all fourteen clubs. There are different ways. Make in the butt and other club move. You've seen it with. -- liar when he won the masters putting assists form what coach does now but it's a form as well. But it's not a -- point the body and does travel so I think that's where guys are trying to. I'll figure out if that's the fan and that's where they go I think it's great and as far as the PGA tour I. I I I hope they do as soon as possible to Austria and I've always says that. I don't -- -- always felt that golf is should have to swing the club control in -- And this and all sporting clubs -- not just thirteen. During the time when you were winning and and won some tournaments the last two years. You look back now at all and say it you know as you're struggling with health and rebuilding the swing. Did you struggle at all with confidence he's had an -- or or was it just a slow build for you with health and and this way. It was it was health for -- I couldn't practice. So if I'm gonna make any time change and swing you gotta get a third of the reps. I can do that. So for 61 I know what I can do when I'm I'm healthy. I think I I can play this game pretty good. So I need to get healthy and that took a while. And it's once I felt strong enough for an explosive enough again. Then the changes course -- implement a piece by piece. And then -- -- -- a more consistent. And had a few good weeks by sheer and -- a few more Fisher. Is your health right now and do you take measures to make sure you can extend that health. Period of health as far as you can yeah I've smaller resort to I changed my swing and to make nobody's on the body as well as the strength training still there. I don't block turn and run with thirty miles a week like I used to I'm just tools to do that now. But I still. Will do an explosive training hostility all of us all all the strength training so I'm myself I'm stronger now than I ever have been. But I just off to catwalk and how likely is it. When the open was here in eleven McIlroy really ran away with -- then of course you ran away with any. Tournaments in your past. If you think you're still capable of posting that kind of win. -- yeah from -- had a pretty elated and torn this year and people kind of forget that. One not long ago. I was I was just thinking in terms as you know -- as it -- especially during a period when you're. -- recovering from injury where it. There's just so much talk about -- there's so much more parity now than it used to be and that it's impossible to win by ten or twelve anymore. Is is it could possibly potentially more mental I know. Roy did it. Then the house and have done throughout my career. Whether you -- ten below fifteen. I want them while I'm Obama are where. -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com.