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Tiger Woods talks his new swing, his relationship with Sergio Garcia



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Mon, 20 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com -- about to -- that it. Com you know you have said that you're you're you're not quite back to the form. That you were. A couple of years ago but how close are you. Where are close you do we work. But here. -- probably better now. I'm more efficient when I do. I'm a better understanding of policy in mind my niece and agendas. And quite frankly my misses are in when there's as he used to be. It's love and miss small -- spots a lot of times and condone them. Your comfort level with this swing path where is it. Plus for until pretty good about it it's nice to him a power back I'm in my head my swings in this spot now where I can I can rotated and Charles really helping go back to some old stuff someone else like sixteen years old. Where. I know actually did it did certain things and he's gotten into that position again sixteen years you'll along it was a long time ago -- Players -- your first first time even what sub 74 straight rounds following. How we're feeling was that it to close that out the way you did. It felt pretty good and we had a I've still long day on Sunday you have to come back out and finish up in the morning and then have a little down time and go back out. And the golf course to play tricky greens are fast and -- for crusty and when was up. It. Do they put the -- easier -- so with the scores are definitely out there are also many and you can make some mistakes on Ferran and you know I -- amendment my -- You know somebody -- -- as well but it was a pretty bunched leaderboard anything could happen guys -- in runs early in the morning. If you guys for four -- five under par through you know 78 holes. And we knew it was out there but it's he's also have to finish it off to you took the last shot or do you have to play. I soldier but no one's coming off a lot -- want -- to duel and miles an upper right sunshine Rodham front iron and use the slope. I'm just a wardrobe but. Because that's not fun because I knew I had done that when as a as a backboard. I know you get the question asked that you clinic and no doubt in this press conference to be asked about it again. Years. The relationship was Sergio I don't think if if you Lindsay reported and I invite. Sergio to this part of what words that come from where that one that it term for you. I don't know sometimes. I'm sure you -- and your work really don't along with everybody is a lot of people who work long this is for example yeah. It does that make a victory like that sweeter. -- it is just not a winning you know house actually gone into the final round and it just a big event. And whether it was Sergio or somebody else or being David the end. I saw an excuse I sought to play and I had to do things I need to do to win. And that's what I'm most proud of his to. Ability somewhat tall was he all of things that we've been working on McCain together. To shape up all the way I did and I didn't have any little movement patterns thousand new movement pattern I Y need it the most and that feels good. You know your number one and strokes gained putting and his first time. Had that in your career what what's what's the difference for him. I think -- consistency. I've been working on my my putting quite a bit I found something at Torrey this year. And I really putted well at Torre a -- for a little bit strict scheme a little bit out of -- rally got me into the same position when I wasn't or. And I basically have carry that same feeling in the same. Posture and Lions in -- sense and I putted pretty well. I think only time I actually had. Upon a year like this was in 2000. Pick -- finished one in greens in two and putting for the year. The super good combo -- and you know hope I can get them and Franzen and right up a little bit. -- -- -- You've not played -- report other than nothing what are your plans. Before the open unless you are -- go before the -- week. And and check out map -- so that I haven't an idea what my practice sessions are going to be what I need to work on them. Visualizing shots shapes and doesn't -- -- specifically what is it on the hilly course and not hilly course and I don't know. Only seen pictures and still friends so we'll see it than usual for you -- took them to not know tracking how long does it take -- I guess get the comfort level offers a lot of want to play golf publication. So when I had an opportunity which is loaded and one -- an opportunity to play one is great golf course and I don't. A much for the home. So. So I haven't played a lot of great golf golf course -- and pine valley. And play somewhat tongue moved down to Jupiter so it's that's not unusual for me. Now as far as the prep time and I did I do like having one big round. Before I I come home and practice some idea -- what I wanna do I do a lot of -- -- the greens then. Then that -- week -- this morning that they understand how to play but then I need to know what the weather conditions are with forecasts are going to be. Was one of the UST want to do with that our worst weather and allow them to do. -- take -- week and then I'll get -- feels based on the. CSN Washington dot com.

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