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Csnwashington.com. Bryce Harper -- that San Francisco is one of his favorite places to play. That may be the case but he's struggled a hit there so far in his young career has won 43 batting average at AT&T park is his third worst. At any ballpark in baseball. Joining me now as I and that's insider mark Zuckerman -- mark let's start with Bryce Harper how important. Is his presence to the line up right now. It's really important cordoning. Do that often struggles they've had a lot of it is attributable. Being out mall adjacent worked out people at the two of them in the -- to get there once in the last eighteen. Harper the most productive hitter. The loss of work -- an injury has been just as beaten. Good -- and giving it it is of course the collective one teaching. With the 200 spot for an awful and not put anybody on base for. We're in there and broke him right in. Absolutely but one guy who hasn't been struggling right now as Adam LaRoche what's been his secret to his recent six sacks. Well you know if this goes back to a little -- especially with chipper Jones and Atlanta at the beginning of the former rival but also former teammate as it is when he played -- Chipper knows his swing started he stepped it up with a deep in Houston and it but until -- with a career high hitting streak. I think I -- the pressure off and for awhile is looking just to go the opposite he is. The last few days he seemed to turn a ball and really get to that just you know. And the right -- that huge difference that it was going in there and going to do you know. As long to get harper back -- -- -- -- it'll be quarter but it can be used to edge. CSN Washington dot com.



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