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Tiger Woods on his new swing


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Tue, 21 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Well have to see it. You said you're not quite active for. That you word. A couple of years. Old clothes or you. Where are you to rework. But here. -- probably better now. I'm more efficient when I do. I'm a better understanding of policy in mind my -- continues. And quite frankly my misses aren't anywhere near as bad as he used to be. It's love and miss small -- spots a lot of times and condone them. Your comfort level with this where -- where is it. Post for until pretty good about it it's nice to him a power back minimize my swings and a spot now where I can I can rotate and -- really help me go back to some old stuff someone else like sixteen years old. Where. I know actually did it did certain things and he's gotten into that position again. You know you're number one and strokes gained putting and in his first time we've. Had that in your career what what's what's the difference for him. I think -- consistency. And I'm working on my -- my putting quite a bit I found something at Torrey this year. And I really putted well at -- a loss for a little bit extra skin a little bit -- help but -- Doral and got me into the same position when I wasn't toward. And I basically have carry that same feeling in this thing. Posture and Lions nonsense and I putted pretty well. I think only time I actually had. Upon a year like this was in 2000. Pick -- finished one in greens and two in putting for the year. The super good combo yeah and and hope I can get them on crimson and write up a little bit. CSN Washington dot com.

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