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Mattheus injury forces Nats to juggle bullpen, pitchers



CSN Washington dot com. Gets better -- that you see your picture Ryan Mathews was put on the fifteen day disabled list. After he revealed that he suffered a broken right pitching hand after his performance and thirteen four loss to San Diego on Sunday. You -- a law of physics states when you punch a locker. The locker wins. Net's insider mark Zuckerman on joint is enough fighters -- how to Matthews into what's the ripple effect there. Well it is combined to -- injury -- it all the relievers but at ease and being in San Francisco because of -- -- injury. Now that suddenly they're short relievers and actually -- Two guys for my game you know give my -- Fernando spot that much has more to the top a couple of days -- the pressure arm is one of the starters -- -- -- That was what standard at least one of these double beaten temple and our troops situation a lefty to keep it just like to beat them in on him. But maybe in the long run -- keep them about what let that happen. Here you mentioned Ross that Weller he missed his last start what's the latest 41 on him. Well the hope is that that -- an apt to miss one start to very mild oblique strain he made the progress since then. He's scheduled to pitch on Sunday if they can get -- -- actually more than. I think they'll be fine at least a little more wiggle room their QB of all -- at the end of this road trip. But it could stick that start actually bumped him they wouldn't need him again until next Tuesday but don't get a little bit at you completely. Global -- can do it and you know other people and down the road. And quickly here Strasburg to a five taken the bomb tonight how much pressure building on the young man right now. Well there's been treated really well last. And it goto and let him go eight innings for the first time in his career and that -- -- shall competent. Even tonight too like the -- game losing streak in Kane for the Giants to like 1988 perform there. She is and that's insider mark Zuckerman thanks for what time. CSN Washington dot com.



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