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Who should the Wizards take at #3?


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Tue, 21 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. We're a little hard tonight they're a slight chance of moving up and moved up five spots yet and now the question don't who. Are you take who should they pick in the draft coming out to they'd be out there. How about Otto Porter. It -- the -- wasn't dropped should they go up to him and what I got look at come around this mound of rebound it we've been. Yeah yeah yeah. Well it's surely. How wanna see out of surgery post surgery on Alex comes out with the ankle. No run did a great position I mean in and that's we wanna beat you gonna get a guy who should put it would be a starter for you. And that's important is hard to overlook -- I know the body of work we can pick it apart -- big seven to port can't -- good hands good feet. Just got to make sure it was Iguodala -- me could be ideal the key when Europe between her 34. You've got to defend. The likes of LeBron. You gotta look at this league you go Carmelo abroad for that young man you pick up got to have some demons built before the for the -- guards but I like water I mean he's solid to me and his upside is up. Maybe you look fit in right now full of people always beat him up a little bit but I like everything about it. And I look at -- I think you know Alex been Abu. A local guy who built up to opened up the prize the basket that didn't go -- we. -- -- They need a big guy he's got a lot of potential Otto Porter plays both sides of the cool yeah I'm enables everybody got just playing offense he believes offers and defense. CSN Washington dot com.

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