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CAA commissioner Tom Yeager on Elon joining the CAA



CSN Washington dot com but I was part of a recruiting process that we went down and visited. With the president and the athletic director and other key officials. To learn a little bit about each other and as we continue to learn more about each other I think it. We've developed. The feeling that this would be a good fit for both the conference and for you on. And we're thrilled that they've accepted -- offer membership. What makes the lot of great fit for the CA NCAA football. That's its start was a great academic institution with great leadership with -- -- Lambert -- we -- blank is athletic director. So rapidly growing athletic program. The institution. Is. Recognized as one of the finest them. Institutions in the south and in with a great presence in the northeast and a lot of members of member. Institutions markets. And so I think it's just going to be a great. Addition to the league. That that brings a great plan of academics and athletics to -- What went into the process that outing on. Plus a lot of exchange information on gone on and in various stages for a long period of time really. Really heated up in the last. You know four to six weeks. Again this everybody. Performing due diligence learning about each other. And it's it's we discussed more more and became more familiar with until -- got to be a great fit both ways. And and we offered. Extended offer membership and he accepted -- very thrilled that they're going to be coming on board and colonial. In 2014. CSN Washington dot com.



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