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Chick Hernandez talks about RG3's first day of OTAs



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Thu, 23 May 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. You Hernandez that Redskins park in our history continues to get -- you ready for its biggest tests. Explosives -- And cutting those -- the only two things laughs and says he's ahead of schedule the team leader back in familiar form and reading the guys as they wrap up a three day OTA. His first extensive comments that he went down in that last pit against Seattle and subsequent surgery on his knee to repair the else yelled an ACL. The QB knows everyone wants him around for the long haul and some changes even slight ones we'll get it done. I can't change my mindset but I can be smarter about. What I do out there you know I've got a year of experience -- some might not think that's a lot but a year of experience in FL -- big for anyone. Come and after what happened to me and what happened this team at the end of the year I understand that I have to be more careful. When it comes of that but I can still keep my same mindset about wanting to win every play was just knowing. Okay on this when he's got to go. Number Tim was limited in drills today but only by the staff he likely allow the do more. And while he said he never had any doubt that he'll be back he did admit his darkest day came right after the surgery. No one knew the extent of the injury but at the ACL -- That they have to go into is good need to get attended. I knew when I got put to sleep -- -- look -- -- -- my left me that I had surgery on my CO. It's all woke up. The nurse didn't notice those and I felt my left leg however I sleep tonight and won't have to deal with that at that Tom. Stuff for me to talk about it. This one of those things I get emotional about because it was tough at that time. I -- back up and you know I told everybody who was who was there in that room with me. And there -- still -- -- of the easiest way to say yeah Accra at new Roman crime doesn't matter. And I moved on as soon as we finish so across festival I'll put the data of the first week -- my phone and that was my goal since then. For more from Ashburn Redskins park we bring in now chick Hernandez in check I realize it's kind of may have a yet no pads on there -- no real defense but your estimation how it RG three look. Looked great way to go with -- outlook he looked very good. Quick obviously as you said he runs fast forward. But there's still stuff to be done but he's raring to go. Didn't look at a guy who has surgery -- a couple months ago. He mentioned the first. Game that it is that first week and we all know he's all in for weak ones and he goes the way and does he know the rule. But he didn't know -- Who back then but he has since put the date of the first game into the -- it's this pass -- a constant reminder of where he was in the hospital bed. And we're trying to get to that first game that much that I game. Hosting the Philadelphia Eagles. So his pass -- of regulars like you know to steal or find his ball when you can get into it now because you know the -- Damn much are lucky and Steelers should be in the same. But gosh that about. Is there any fallout between RG three we have played this out over and over who was right. Who is wrong is there any fallout still between RG three -- coach. Not according to RG three or his coach Robert Griffin the third told us look we passed it out -- no apologies given it. No apologies needed so all's good between the coach. And the quarterback. All right that's a good thing we learned his pass code for his -- we just don't know if we'll be ready for week one just yet chick Hernandez Redskins park hurt so much. Right. CSN Washington dot com.

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