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Thu, 23 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com however when -- -- here in the Comcast sports net studio we like to show you a story. That ran earlier on sports net central. We -- Comcast sports center proud salute to former Naval Academy graduates who not only excelled on the athletic field. But also excelled in their branch of service and ultimately died. Giving their lives for greater cause our Brent Harris has the touching story of two American heroes lieutenant Travis man in from the tendon Brandon -- The true brotherhood in life. And that. Courage and commitment. Words that really loud and clear for the men and women who march on the campus here in Annapolis he's proud members of the Naval Academy have been special bond. -- -- -- To serving their country and to bond that extends beyond the walls of the academy. Lieutenant Travis men and lieutenant Brent moody both bought into that belief system the two men became best friends and their time and -- There are awesome you know there were they were. I think I've heard every single person from the lady and the -- him and say they were cut from the same spot. They were just. They were so -- and and that's actually what made them I think drawn to each other. There were also two outstanding athletes and Manny and excelled as one of the nation's top wrestlers. -- -- was a star in the lacrosse field fans across the country and watched his -- -- along with his brother Stephen and -- and came just one goal short. Capturing the two. 2000 for national title. Their college careers behind them these new officers opted for different branches. Travis joined in -- -- dishonest is division other Marine Corps. While Brendan became a navy seal. Both men -- realizing. That these positions also had extreme high risk. I was so I need some -- No I know my let my Brothers and signed up to do my eighth. Once the Naval Academy and you know they sign up for those I was 544 or five years after. The family's worst fears and became reality when. Both men died in the line of duty. Travis in 2007. In Iraq. Brendan in September 2010. And Afghanistan. -- his mom called -- He's he knows the ages. Burst into tears I had felt that emotion since a loss straps. You know and I just got pulled down. Broke down there he's special request. Was made by both families to have these two heroes. Buried side by side. Arlington national cemetery. This year is Marine Corps marathon. Perfect backdrop to -- these best friend's mom. Never allowed I'd like to do it. Demanded family started Travis Manny -- foundation from 100 wounded veterans. Families of fallen heroes. This year he's obviously takes on it's a more somber terror -- -- the loss of pregnant so -- It was only natural that we running his daughter as well as Travis -- -- -- that we all it won me you know really for us now it's about carrying on anything. Travis and pregnant daughter. I wanted to do right. Fifty or better but I wanted to definitely on -- 55 regular guys and we've been running this race as a starter it would seem Travis. And then down the -- him that question Travis Brennaman and you know Brothers have been different father and I actually believe that they were great voice. Hands down. So you gotta do this emotion all my guys. Panel a tough time they have this morning. He. And my sister's shadow and -- the tech flavorful and -- yeah I expected to be that's blown. Looking out my lacrosse team. Spending up and my team and my friends and I'm talking to him like a funny tales and. Yeah. It's been said that like it's a collection of memories some bad at some good. Would you be taken away on this day this did -- -- in the midst of much sorrow and pain and human spirit indoors. Two families. Brought together by war. Death. Most important. Friendship. Every time we get definitely be so yeah. Prayer and remembrance and Randy Travis. I think even -- the way we live our lives everyday and then he attribute British special person. That's what. Try my best. To live my life is -- yeah. The legacy they left this. Fear you know -- guys who lives long and I hope you know I. Continue to do this and as long as I'm around you know wanna be able to do this and always remember. Those brave heroes and -- in -- they Wear what they represented in what they stood for. Brent thank you very much for more stories like this you can check out sports net central every night and visit our web sites CSN Washington dot com. And CSN Baltimore dot com. I'm -- grown thanks so much for watching. CSN Washington dot com.