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Trouble in the clubhouse after Soriano comments?



CSN Washington dot com meanwhile we referred to earlier what happened out. In Dodger Stadium when Bryce Harper hit the wall while wall and then in San Francisco and -- kind alligator armed a little. It got the warning track that was late in the game after that game Raphael Soriano said. I can tell my four year old son to know where you need to play he would have positioned yourself that it's not an excuse. We feel badly about anybody would think that's how you played the game okay. You can say that he was taking a shot. At Bryce Harper or you can say he was taking a shot at the coaches the bottom line is you're -- calling out someone you're losing games. Are we losing the clubhouse well I think is a little bit of a concern now Rafael Soriano is kind of a guy who keeps himself doesn't say a whole lot of I went home a real rock rock clubhouse guy to begin with so you know take it as he will. The point is he need to talk to harper got that behind the scenes and they did talk about the next day and everything appears to be fine so I don't think there's any lingering. Freedom from this and especially after harper the next day went out and made a great play almost an identical. Play in San Francisco but. The bigger picture in this clubhouse right now it's just not the same group that was last year last year everything was going so well it was a really close knit group. Guys from different backgrounds different positions or can they got along really well now is that because the team was winning. And that breeds chemistry or does chemistry breeds winning I'm not sure but the dynamic just is not the same in the clubhouse this year. CSN Washington dot com.



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