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Stephen Strasburg talks about strong start vs. Phils



CSN Washington dot com. With a lineup struggling to score runs and a fellow ace on the mound against him. Stephen Strasburg knew he needed to be at his very best against the Phillies and he was. Dominating for eight innings and buying time for his teammates to finally scored late against Cole Hamels. There are -- as long as they keep it close they -- just kind of scatter scatter guns from snow Stanley's off with a double struck out you know walked the next guy and you know compounded itself now -- -- thrown out there and just trying to minimize the damage and get our guys back offensively. He was going right after German I don't think you struck out first couple innings pitched great you like about 25 pitches -- disgrace. But I can assure you get seven probably get a maybe done. And I think he shook her car you know -- long delay the waves tormentors. Seventh. I mean everything was working. Unbelievably good. Paris -- start is going out there and you sort of strikes and they're sometimes. Justin is under way so hands on us and really your car is Lester starts and really doing what's a student transfer does is. I'm pretty impressive and I love playing behind causing the team has always turn out there and you know it's a lot of fun to watch. -- -- is always gotten better as the game goes on. There's another example that I think -- do most of the first inning issues or wherever he's had their last two months. Five or six starts. World squash -- think she took a huge step in the right direction. Here too it's too. It wasn't all good news for the nationals on Sunday Bryce Harper had to leave the game in the seventh inning after aggravating a lingering knee injury. Also Davey Johnson announced. That -- that wires oblique injury hasn't fully healed he's going on the DL and now the nationals are going to have to find a new starter for Tuesday's game against the Orioles. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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