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Nationals get ready for the battle of the beltways



CSN Washington dot com it. Geico sports net central update. Everybody involved they are here they're Geico sports net central update and what better way to spend Memorial Day than a trip to the nation's capital L'Oreal. And our hot bats will do just that for a four game interleague set with the nationals now last season. The o's have and that's number winning both of their three game series with a record of foreign to you here's mark Zuckerman with a preview of the battle of the -- After taking two of three from the Phillies and nationals now. Faced four straight games against their geographic rivals the Orioles. And they're gonna go into the series having to do with several injuries Bryce Harper's knee is not getting any better he may have to miss a couple of games. Wilson Ramos Jayson Werth obviously -- on the DL -- Espinoza dealing with his only injury. Now Ross -- wires going on the DL he was supposed to start Tuesday's game against Kevin Boss and now that that's gonna have to fighting Phillies starter for that game. Against a very good Baltimore lineup. Thanks so much mark here's the pitching match up birds go with Jason Hammel was five an -- seven starts against the -- Washington will send Cubans also brilliant and very good and may with five earned runs given up in his four starts this month. And -- it from here on the Comcast sports net studios on a cold Darren for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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