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Golf tournament brings joy, funds to veterans



Csnwashington.com. Each year hundreds of golfers gathered to raise money for operation paid paving access. For veterans employment program that aims to end high unemployment. For veterans with disabilities -- does that in part by providing career direction and vocational held to any veteran. Looking for a better quality of life now some of those wounded Warriors joined golfers at trump national this morning for a heartfelt. And meaningful cops. Yeah. That's some more special event that a veteran and wounded scores in college veterans deserve. Our support and I need to say is they come back off the battlefield. When you watch a guy or gal with missing them. Swing a golf club one thing you know resources at competitive fire. It's the same competitive fire that compelled to individual to join the military. Many of them fought harm's way. And when they come back you don't lose that it's -- by disability but they don't lose it. And I did about eight almost nine years in the army. Deployment I went on want to became an officer was to Iraq. -- in 2007 gentlemen as usual I'm sorry. Yeah it's tear jerking him that I'm so happy that folks I mean 300 people standing up in the opening ceremonies. Give enough of a crap to come out here and do other things to support us to make sure that we can come back from all of our experiences and on appointments. And still contribute to society and still give all of the knowledge and skills that our government trained us to have and give back to our country and it's it's really amazing. I was military police officer for just under ten years he served in Bosnia and Iraq. Other places around the country well one of the greatest things about being out -- you're seeing all the veterans wounded just combat it turns out here just having a good time. And when you surround yourself so many veterans like this. It just did brings it brings good things to your heart and that just makes you wanna. Supportive and. CSN Washington dot com.



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