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Mike Florio breaks down the Redskins Mt. Rushmore



CSN Washington dot com just. And joining us now to talk more about the mount Rushmore of the Redskins is Mike Florio from pro football talk. Are you -- first of all do you personally agree with these top four. Well I do because they messed with three of the four that I had and I understand there's going to be. An area for reasonable minds to disagree but yet still be able to make strong arguments that who can go wrong with Joseph Gibbs as the leading vote getter. Joseph -- three Super Bowl wins with three different quarterbacks the most beloved and respected coach in franchise history. He has to lead the way that franchise and I was I was very happy to see that Sammy -- got the respect. That he was doing very concerned since this is an Internet based vote. The Internet huge junger a lot of young people have no idea who Sammy body is they don't know that he was a triple threat. He still has the single season NFL putting. Average record it 51 point four yards it's unbelievable no one has caught that since 1940. He had four interceptions that he made in a game he had six touchdown passes twice in a game just an unbelievable player arguably a member of the NFL's mount Rushmore. If and when we would ever try to do that so I was I was happy to see balked at the respect he deserves Joseph Gibbs and that. Rounded out -- with John Riggins and Darrell green and Darrell green one of the great players of all time who gets overlooked because he was just so good at what he did. We we just we took him for grand and I think. Now is there anyone that -- laughed off the list might as revealed today that. You thought maybe should've gotten some more consideration. Well my personal list had the hogs on there because when you look at a team that wins three Super Bowls in about a ten year period with three different quarterbacks. There's one constant there it allows the quarterbacks to win those Super -- and that's the offensive line and they were so you know usually offensive linemen are anonymous there there -- overlooked. That the hogs were appreciated as much or more than any offensive line in NFL history to throw in a -- debts and it. It creates you know when you think about -- so much of this yet you want to look at it when people played and how successful they -- what kind of numbers it generated but there's also visceral component to a when I think -- Redskins. One of the first things I think -- is. The performance that offensive line the nickname and everything went along with that so for me. I think the hogs -- beyond I had them instead John Riggins but I did I can see and understand and respect the argument to John Riggins. For what he did to help that team get its first Super Bowl win in that cheap play fourth and one memorable and personality and everything that goes along with him. I can understand how people would see -- ahead of the Hawks. Yes certainly now. A lot of the guys obviously -- for all four of those guys. Are from kind of those glory years I guess you could say Darrell green you know the end of his career was in this current era as as we look at the Washington Redskins. But what does it say about the current state of the franchise that. We don't see anyone from this most recent -- say the last ten or twelve years. Well it's it's it's a fair omission when you haven't seen that has three Super Bowl win and haven't teams been around for eighty years and has. -- some of the all time great players. If you if you are successful recently. How can any of your recent players qualify for that kind of consideration there hasn't been. A standout running back there hasn't been a stand our receiver there hasn't really been a standout hall of fame level player. Over the past decade or so and some people were clamoring for RG three to be included in the final twelve but -- got one year in the NFL. Maybe -- another team it would -- happened to eighteen it's only been around ten years or so. But when you've got an eighty year franchise it's very hard to say one guy based on one year deserves consideration among the franchise's greats. In five years you see RG three on this list in the top four. Well it depends on if he stays healthy. And whether the team can get to the playoffs and advance more often than not I think a Super Bowl would go along way toward getting him on that list. So definitely a win in the playoffs. Hands down a -- wins the Super Bowl is on the list. And stays healthy yeah it's got to be RG three is that a Kirk cousins playing quarterback -- we got to watch that me no doubt all right Mike. Thank you so much for your time pro football talk -- nightly 5 PM on NBC sports. CSN Washington dot com.



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