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Lieutenant Eric Kettani honored at Redskins Park



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Mon, 3 Jun 2013|


Geico sports net central update. Everybody -- -- -- -- in Washington dot com the Washington Redskins fullback. You're -- timing may be living out his dream as a member of the National Football League. But that wasn't before serving his country for three years of active duty with the US navy. Today at Connie was recognized for his service by being promoted to the rank of lieutenant. That it's not have to head coach Mike Shanahan running backs coach Bobby turner to do the honor opinion insignia of his new officer ranking. On his uniform in the ceremony today at Redskins park. After taking his -- he was sworn in by naval officer Connie that most of this offseason foreign military bases around the country. To pre service members for their so sacrifices. I've six lawyers in the reserves. So I'll be doing that you know weekends and brother season giving speeches. You know like this speak about my experiences out directly correlates with the kind of felt I had the nailed down it's all relied on a multitask in Indian things done so it's it's -- to me right now. I've had guys in military -- We tend to kind of slowed -- -- that's right yeah well he's a great representative for our country because she. He's everything you look for a person to have a guy like that thing until very secure. He certainly do thanks so much for joining yes that's it from here on the Comcast sports net studios I'm Nicole -- for CSN Washington dot com.

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