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Who is on the Redskins' Mount Rushmore?



Csnwashington.com. Doing now Mike Florio cohost of NBC sports networks pro football talk in the new series. Phases of the franchise who's on your team's mount Rushmore which will kick off Monday at 5 PM thanks for joining us Mike -- I got. Selecting the foremost important people to a franchise pretty tough test for you guys to take on. How in the world are you got a little dump players coaches and the front office members to just four. While the fans get to do it too and it was hard enough for a lot of these teams to find twelve finalists. From which we're gonna harvest the final four and I've already made my picks to the Redskins spent. It was not easy and one of the problems that I think we're gonna count our special the fan vote. Did the people on the Internet tend to skew younger. The younger people have shorter memories and are aware of some of the all time greats and I think there's a chance some of the all time greats -- some of the more storied franchises. Could get forgotten in this process. I see a problem Marty bring their hey guys so when it does get to selecting those top twelve what is the criteria that you're actually looking for in order to make it on to the mountain. While it's far more visceral than anything else you know when you see it there isn't any statistical threshold or number of Super Bowl wins or anything like that. It's just a process of coming up with twelve names that we feel like have a legitimate chance of making it to the final four and one thing we're learning as we go through this process team my team. For some of the AFC teams it's very very hard to find that twelve from which the final four won't come to the Redskins. It I don't call being all that difficult to come up with twelve but it is not going to be easy to well twelve down before. Talking about the Redskins there have all Robert Griffin the third he's only been in DC for just a season here but his impact we'll spend felt quite big here in Washington. A chance to make -- analysts. Well I chance that he's not on the final twelve we got consideration but he hasn't been there long enough and I know a lot of the younger fans are gonna insisted he'd be included. And if you work in the pool for the voting there'd be a lot of people who would be tempted to put him on the final four bit. But only one season one playoff appearance one playoff loss that's just not enough when you consider. How great the Redskins team has been over the years three Super Bowl wins that's just not enough to qualify Grissom for consideration yet maybe in time do we do this again at five or ten years. Enough for now. Yeah I know quite a few skins fans I would have a good argument to that. Right off the battery I say thank you very much we appreciate NBC sports networks Monday's 5 o'clock to catch faces of the franchise who's on your team's mount Rushmore. Thank you very much Mike Florio. CSN Washington dot com.



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