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What are the Wizards' plans this off-season?



CSN Washington dot com. Our NBA insider Jay and Michael joins us now also our Wizards insider let's talk a little bit here bring it back to the Wizards entering free agency. Is this team -- some buyers and sellers there's a lot of big names out there that potentially. Maybe work their way to do you think there's. A lot of big names out there but the Wizards can't afford even -- them. The big issue when it comes to the NBA when it comes to acquiring free agents and trades is can you afford that. Because of the salary cap right now the Wizards don't have any space under the salary cap you look at some of the bigger -- Dwight how are we just mentioned Chris Paul. Monta Ellis Andrew Bynum Josh Smith Andre Iguodala. Who could become a free agent as well David West we just talk about is going to be a free agent all of those guys command maximum doll because the other factor. These guys are veteran players. Who will be like who needs to win championships at this point in his career so you need to have to be able to pay them a lot of money. Or you have to be on a championship track in the Wizards on on either one of those -- at this moment. Okay so the Wizards probably not going to be too busy -- -- see what about the draft they start working a rookie draft picks on Monday. Who do you like as far as that rookie draft class and who realistically could the Wizards -- up with the number three. You know an Odyssey all depends on the Cleveland Cavaliers have the number one pick the Orlando Magic or number two Cleveland needs a post player they only had two centers on a roster last year and one of them was Tyler Zeller who didn't play much at all and you have Anderson -- -- was hurt most of the season. He's not even really a -- so that speaks to New Orleans Noel. Won your first year player out of Kentucky he has ACL injury he's a really good defensive player Orlando Magic beat me just about. Everything you have to assume he'll get big Mac report. That he's the best player available to fit the Washington Wizards is probably final quarter of Georgetown he is the safest pick to go with. But if I had my druthers and big Mac -- -- is available I'm taking the best player available. What about what people he's a local guy with the math and you keep hearing scouts say. Potential he maybe has a high ceiling if he can keep working hard you see that as a possibility at all I. It could be a possibility I don't put too much stock in a lot of people say what you already have John Wall and Bradley deal why do you need another guard is because simply unique scoring on this team this is the last scoring team and lowest scoring team in the NBA this season so I think all of people has a lot of potential he played more as a small affording college. He will play more on the perimeter in the NBA he has issues a ball Hanlon I think it's gonna take a little while to adapt I think he may start off slow his first season maybe -- second or third season we'll see exactly what he's gonna become. Interesting to see with the Wizards have a stroke force the next few weeks straight Michael RC SN NBA insider thanks very much -- I hate coming up on yourself back. CSN Washington dot com.



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