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Despite depleted lineup, Nats prevail



CSN Washington dot com. With a lineup missing Ryan Yzerman and Bryce Harper and with Jayson Werth still not quite a 100%. Offense figured to be at a premium for the nationals on Tuesday night. -- wouldn't you know what they scored five early runs and actually open up a big lead for the first time in a long time. I think -- -- -- and we used to ten minutes tonight and -- my -- so. Slowly Giddens can pull short too soft since -- when you do morality and score runs like them office. Somewhere noticed here and hopefully we can you ignore and her foot down more often. For -- -- a quote it's over it's gonna have to be him night in night out. Nobody was happier about the run support -- Gonzales. Who finally earned his first win in nine tries despite a sterling 2.2 five ERA during this stretch. You still got to keep your team in there you know as a pitcher you don't wanna you know. Jim out of reach of of any score runs so I think that. For me it's just more keeping me calm keeping a cool keeping you know. Right where I need to be in Austin is us are thinking it's. By any more runs -- need this this is just gonna to take me off my path and I think that they've done it plenty of times for me and they performed always so. I think it's just my job to go out there and pitch in the warm up the runs -- find. I'm pretty hot right now. It just didn't. There's just don't forget when I took him out but. I'm. That's the growth in before it -- go to -- The -- will get Zimmerman back Wednesday night after a day off to rest his shoulder and -- hopes to play again. But it's clear his pulled groin is hampering him in the field. As has been the case all year the nets are just gonna have to find a way to battle through injuries. With the nationals mark Zuckerman CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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