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Caps smart to lock up two goalies long-term



CSN Washington dot com I don't I'm wrong then -- it the right thing secured Michael Norbert. I think in the NHL. You have to have two guys and if need be they can stand and here and help you. Be competitive the ability -- -- it really says you know what all the we want we gonna keep. And I understand that it hit something more for him and there's been much better team. We go to bed about thinking about your business owner I think this is. The that'd be cool stuff we'll for the right now we say that we did make it a good move because I think at this point is nobody else. There's nobody -- look what that's got pulled Villanova not to make them. All -- years ago. And if you're gonna pay anybody any money to go we just thought back to back the people there and I'm trying to think. You have to move him to get somebody else did. If that's the way it looked. The way you have -- -- guy Aybar and -- start I didn't make a little aboard here and I think right now they're doing the right thing because it's nothing else being offered. But it didn't gets up at four. You gotta make -- move what that something is the big defenseman. Then maybe I'll swing your way because there's the Blackhawks is prove. They wore champions. And they blew it up they rebuilt it. In the time that we've been working on this project -- -- about obviously few of these core players and adult now might. CSN Washington dot com.


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