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Changes afoot at Congressional CC for players, fans



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Tue, 25 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. The biggest change hole number one for the added a bunker on the left of the fairway and they moved him back in the players landing sound. I thought I remembered being able to carry that better or not that's on -- and -- on and it was definitely. It was surprising to be in that. On my caddie told me I got up to the first tee I axis further so this where the deepest bunker. Perfectly and Cecil. That thing is he's a great design. Com those two bunkers and I think it's gonna make a little bit of difference -- and actually level the playing field you know so for the guys that could vomit out there and carry it 300 in the air vs -- guys -- carrying it to seventy in the air. Level the playing field for that hole. Because everybody on now have to play a little bit to the right those bunkers you'll find many of them hit it over those bunkers also leveling the playing field the rock. Which thanks to recent rains is extremely thick enough that it's more consistent this year that's definitely a little longer. In addition to longer than last year but I think that the density of it is just that it's a little stronger and so you get in the hero bring on in the ball in the fairway. So -- golf course -- -- we get to play AT&T national here here but. And this golf course is designed to use the open and you know the sort of like it is like like the hustle and. And a welcome change for the spectators as hot as it is this week you can get these -- towels the instinct cooling towels. That really work right here at the merchandise tent it is only now a par four away from the main entrance. At the eighteenth tee so you get merchandise says you come in and he got one last shot to get it. As you leave at congressional Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. It's CSN Washington dot com.

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