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Brendon De Jonge excited to return to Congressional



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Tue, 25 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Hybrid and welcome back to -- congressional country club when last we left last year. In the third round lead. And quite a quiet round that direction that -- -- what are your memories of that time. I was kind of surreal very very different you know a series of playing golf with with some people around and it was a very very different it was fun for a day but -- to -- I'd like to -- all the time. When. You're in a situation like that we have a lead going into the last round. This is true you don't sleeper well and you know all those things go through your mind I know for myself and had a game the next day it was kind of tough sometimes that. How was your experience. Yeah I think when it once I slept great I think there are probably -- -- -- in the truth a little you know you're obviously a little bit -- a lot on your mind. But that's obviously the position you -- sure you're gone for you as you approach this course. Good it's being it's been very steady hum make a lot of cuts being in contention a little -- not as much as I would like to but. Overall it's been that's been great stadiums so you get a good fuel. For a course where you did play well that when you come in thinking yet you have good -- yeah very much -- you know -- can -- when you're out there playing certain it was a moment Madigan put him make a birdie or whatever and them. That's facilities to do that on courses we have had success. Is there something about congressional that. You like in particular. You know where where the holes are where they runner would ever talked -- yeah others -- -- -- like the way the golf course it's a -- you have to drivable what got you and you know it's out of always been very comfortable in this area spend a lot of time was against college not too far away and that's. That's -- comfortable couple weeks from me this week and next week. -- supposed to be what the weather always this year what about the fact that the host is not here this week does that change the make up. Of this tournament you know unfortunate that it takes away a lot from any tournament you know -- aren't -- it's there's always a special vibe when tiger plays as a lot more going on as a -- You know office and Stan white copy yet you know it does it takes away from a little. CSN Washington dot com.

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