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STL: Pierre Garcon rallies for a good cause



  1. Kedric Golston1:22
  2. Reed Doughty2:04
  3. art monk1:03
  4. Boys and Girls Club0:18
  5. Darrell green1:02
  6. Tim Johnson1:06
  7. Indianapolis1:28
  8. Eagles1:45
  9. Phenomenal job2:03
Mon, 24 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com we we often talk about the win pro athletes. Ball longer faced deuce at the wrong we lead with it well this case Pierre and also on just have to Wear number 88 for the Burgundy and gold. We talked about this he did that all white affair for the Boys and Girls Club of -- watch this team that was -- athletics provided new football uniform for three areas. Team via FaceBook contest. And you know -- had a student body to get involved and what they did. With Britain high school field and guys who and tell him in Virginia a total of 450. New uniforms. Because he got that he got the student body involved. In -- FaceBook contest. And those guys that have new football uniform. Thing is unbelievable thing you know -- point that about when you go to a team. You know a lot of guys have come to this team gotten rich got paid. And it disappeared he did not begin the community. When I first got here Watson it was Darrell green art monk Charles -- You know are his body has got Tim Johnson -- -- what they're doing these because of rhythm Darrell greens foundation Joseph gives you life. They were out in the community because it was applauded them. They wanted to make sure people understood and it also -- dropped off a little bit. You know now you see guys who resides in a while ago Kedric Golston was -- guy and now you see -- -- -- busloads of -- Asante when he wasn't here. When he was in Indianapolis this guy has always been somebody who puts his footprint. Racial people understand I'm not just here collecting a check I'm going to leave my mark. You've been a doubt done a lot of good days and got our our respective football it. You have to like you say praise him. To me it's the guys want to give -- a DUI Eagles let -- get meaning particularly live with that all time but I live with it we need to also identify when gotten to a positive things. In a community appeared also at this point C the big guy lead the way and I hope others to follow him and learn from. Chris goalie. Four years every year after year. Phenomenal job you know Reed Doughty with a goal and on and asked why I think this team is winning now because the character guys they have are fake. Would they say they dude on time and get it. CSN Washington dot com.

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