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CSN Washington dot com fire from the very -- our CSN Washington dot com Wizards insider. Ernie Gruntal and company could be faced with a very tough decision at three. Do they take a chance -- an injured player like New Orleans in the well or Alex went if available. What do you think the mindset of the Wizards brass is right now object. Well I think simply because it is the Wizards have not made the playoffs since 2008. In since that time they only averaged 23 wins a game. They need a player who can help them immediately. If you take Alex -- or Maryland's -- well right now obviously -- -- -- -- else coming off the ACL injury. These injuries a lot more severe than Alex win but if you look at how much time it's gonna take from the get back into game shape. To where they can start to pay dividends. This season may already be over. It looked Grenfell. And Randy -- -- -- the final year of their deal Randy Wittman here and Washington's 47 and eighty. Overall and his coaching career yet whether -- one point seven into it enough now to -- credit this with this team is a top assistant defense. As a stand despite all the injuries last year. They have players that contribute to be a player that can score in in my opinion that I've Otto Porter or it's going to be Anthony did it from UNLV. They can't wait for a year or two down the line they may not be here. Jim Michael joining us with the latest on what he thinks the Wizards are gonna do Thursday Jay thanks so much we appreciate that. CSN Washington dot com it.



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