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What do the Wizards need out of this draft?



CSN Washington dot com. That being said we both -- back inside here. -- some some wanna start with you've -- the last five years Washington Wizards have won a combined a 117. Games to picking third as we speak right now. What is the most glaring need they need to address Thursday night when you look at their ballclub as a whole thing it was a really need. Is experience. Quality depth. They need a guy that's been in this league for a few years that win they so they know there's not going to be huge drop or if there's an injury. That takes place which has happened the last few years there's not going to be big -- they're gonna need some experienced depth I think pundits pick on that pitch was leads into the question. Will they keep this -- Or would they trade it for what they make some of the move to try to get some experienced guys that -- -- -- The guys that have been around the block from. Coach from your standpoint there's a lot of decisions that have to be made by Thursday when they needed to keep the big portrait of the way. From a coaches standpoint when you're looking at your team and no one we have a physician what position is that the Washington to get the player that they think can help them right away. Well if they don't trade the pick and that's his mindset that's always a possibility I would think that they're looking this year to make the playoffs that means that. What they have to do is get the guy they think can be. They've most immediate impact for the team and I really believe that's Otto Porter if you're just judging it on this year how do you have the best possible team but. A guy like Alex win with his potential when you're 71 and to shoot the ball you can on the court. Give him a couple years in the NBA he might be an NBA all -- given his natural talent. It's one thing's for sure players this time of the year like to play the role of general manager so of course when I asked Bradley deal if he had the opportunity to make the selection. Maybe not the player but maybe the position who would he like here's what he had to say. For me. Taller guys. Because suppan who lives in process they really order stressful so to speak somebody we think -- with 23. Just great controversy bruises. Mets Bradley bill's thoughts on guys when you look at him he was the third overall pick last year. And really help this basketball team Rocky start slow. Injured late but in the middle thought -- really -- that's what I loved about. That kid this is a total Baldwin couldn't put him in the slot he wasn't just a shooter. He wasn't a football player forehand it was a ballplayers who needed him to defend he defend it if you need him to rebound in. Rebounded in in this year's draft a player was similar skills. With -- that would be able to contribute in a similar fashion is Otto Porter he's a guy that you can't put in the slot you put him on the basketball court he can defend. He can guard multiple positions he can score the basketball he can score off the bounce he can catch and shoot they say variety is the spice of life when you look at the number three pick. Historically has been not only good but great we talked about Michael Jordan. What he also talked about Adam Morrison's so when you're evaluating players' coach I'm sure you're going into it thinking well this is the potential in this is -- what we think he'll be. But ultimately he gets he gets your team and has to prove it. There we played against Adam Morrison -- gonzo I go over Hawaii in he. We're quite get a complete game he could do it all you know he's shoot the three handle the ball for guys 6667. But that didn't translate into being the good NBA player and I think that's the hardest thing Iran you scouted I mean it's really hard to try to take that kind college. Can see once he goes against the talent level in the NBA will he be able to do those same things and what we help the team like he didn't call. Coach you know what oh what a hall of Famer told me about scouting and -- put in being a general managers selecting players. If you're right 51% of the time. You're ahead of most people without a doubt about it but I only the history was -- -- -- -- you know I think a 51 games and am handles -- Had a marginal. CSN Washington dot com.



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