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McPhee speaks as Caps face goalie dilemma



CSN Washington dot com -- the NHL draft coming up George McPhee met with the media today addressing a few different topics first off video coach Blaine Forsythe will replace him on there. As assistant coach the capitals will match any offer for stricken free agents Carl Alter or Marcus Johansson and maybe his biggest revelation they will not entertain trade for Michael -- ever. We're not interested in trading him. As we've officer is the most important position in the game we've got two good ones there in. A couple of good kids on the -- Hershey and and and so I don't we don't want to weaken their position goalies could hurt -- can be after being cruel bit then why not have as many good ones as you can. And so let's see how this your goals and we'll go from there. Out clearly -- -- establishing himself as one of the bright young goalies in the National Hockey League with 43 year old. Second in the league at 23 wins in the very good in the playoff fight but I think seven. Judy good being in the trade trade trade chip remember he won 27 games just two years ago when he wants to be number one. Desire for Portland what does mean moving forward. While George McPhee was either block thing -- fully intends on having Michael -- the waiver at that as his backup next season. When the cats got together last month for breakup day no favors said he still hopes to be in number one in this league. But as long as -- whole thing is the number one going here it might not be in Washington. Now McPhee said the 21 year old prospect -- -- our still needs another year of development with the HL Hershey Bears. That means that at the cavs decide to trade knowing where they'll need to get a veteran back up in his place I'm here in Calgary Flames could have some interest. But with the capitals in North America is not traded the draft. He will be their backed up coming training camp and how to create another dilemma because he'll be making more money than Braden help me. CSN Washington dot com.



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