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Stuart Appleby, technology aficionado?



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Mon, 24 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Nine time winner on the PGA tour Stewart apple will be getting some work in this afternoon they should have some fond memories of the area having won the 98 Kemper open just hammered out and now. Forget coach apple really using his iPhone person's self destruction recording his swing and watching clips himself. Apparently if you wanna be a world class golfers will be on the PGA tour doesn't happen for that. -- -- serves served you know hundreds of dollars you can -- Have a fine you can have a computer you can have a golf cuts effectively you know there's only sets. Michigan damn I don't look at swings in slow motion -- lawns do whatever you want. It's Chinese a lot of say it's a whole new world that. Who's only been around and it's only getting Bennett's an NEC these things on TV that makes you rotation Italy's other things to confuse Helena you guys. That actually for us can be really beneficial. CSN Washington dot com.

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