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AT&T National pays tribute to those who serve



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Wed, 26 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. All weeklong at AT&T national special emphasis is put on paying tribute to those who serve our country it's. Great especially. Being a semi retired or throw he does fear for military and in. We need guys that signed it's definitely a great time. On the seventeenth hole active duty military personnel have the opportunity to caddie for -- pros. Because our team in Natalie carper was honored to walk with toward veteran Davis love the third. And means a lot less stable this year come out here and if harness and then it. Especially if presenting the case got us pretty neat anti an opportunity like that -- you walked with a professional player actually talked and then. Another way this tournament pays tribute to our troops overseas is with his military care Pakistan. As you can -- care packages. Are assembled for the troops and since the inception of this program. In 2009. Care packages just like this have been sent overseas more than 30000. Of them. Couldn't believe how it felt. For the troops when they saw a truck coming and they unloaded. These could be back some of the guys they don't even get letters from home so it means you know meant the world to my son and. To the rest of his crew and following this tournament's lead every stop on the PGA tour now honors military in some way. At congressional country club -- Darren CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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