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CSN Washington dot com Chris do we have any idea what the Wizards are planning. Michael if you listened to president Ernie -- until he says they're gonna take the best player available that's. Stating their need so he's saying both. I think it's Otto Porter considering what happens in the first two picks. Out of -- a safe pick I think you know exactly what you're gonna get from him they want I think his game translates right away with what Washington is trying to do. Meanwhile as you -- the day before the draft there's a lot of hope a lot of optimism and a lot of dreams. Being fulfilled this time tomorrow and it starts with a three local players that are gonna go high in this draft. Alex land Victor all deep though. And also Otto Porter. -- undescribable. Two. -- it happened so. Just on and but I am very excited where we talked about the hard work are you surprised over the last month. How much your stock has risen. I just been working hard and I mean. And people have been noticed in the numbers speak to TVQ grown as a player and as a person. So I can reach my peak come soon to America I just wanted to put -- look at college from Maryland. I didn't really care what I didn't even think about and being just. I -- it worked out well for me just. I hit it and not really good freshman here bit sick and it was better for me and and decide to come out. CSN Washington dot com.



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