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Tiger Woods expresses frustration over injuries



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Wed, 26 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Tiger welcome back and sort of -- won't be watching you play how frustrating is it for you to come -- third time your own tournament. That -- not going to be taking part yeah and it's frustrating and it's. I've had it. Pretty good year so far and I was really liking. The course setup and now as planned and want tickets. It's it's nice to have -- nice track facility in my backyard so I'll start with putting chipping and -- my question. And don't get that -- them before I move out to medalist and start hitting longer shots and sort plan we have Robert Griffin the third -- -- talks about is coming back too fast. When you're younger would you tried to to make that we -- play in this tremendous thinking in I can get through this but now that you're older wiser you say. Let's play it Smart that's why California -- Yeah you know -- Did some things and and early on that he can do and unfortunately certain price for and you know it's. A field -- older it's hard maturing and that and he's understanding the difference between being hurt and being injured. Now there's a fine line but. You know a lot of times I've played while I was injured and I missed months of of golf because of it and in -- -- -- Not not not the best way to approach it and you learn. When you get a chance to win tonight. You know how how do you walk away from that and at that that's a hard thing not to play and sure. Well it's it's easier. I think to not start. Then to start and not finish it. So if you know sometimes early in my career I would not in our certain months I knew it I -- wells dealing with and I just one play. I movement once I started event I would never walk off. That's that's the difference and I think that's what you're referring to. The -- all -- -- that -- okay is this an and it's never even in an event so big deal. But. I've I have found a part of wind and a few times where I just couldn't finish up the round or finish the tournament. That's frustrating as as an acting as a competitor because we think we can push it to him. CSN Washington dot com.

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